Emerald gems Wallis Bird & Aine Tyrrell to perform @ Baroque - blog post image

Emerald gems Wallis Bird & Aine Tyrrell to perform @ Baroque

Wallis Bird & Aine Tyrell
in Concert at Baroque Room, Katoomba Blue Mountains
Wed 22nd NOV 2017. Doors Open 7pm.

We’ve found two Irish pots of gold!

Two of today’s best singer/songwriters from the Emerald Isle are joining together for one spectacular night of spirited live music at Katoomba’s Baroque Room. Wallis Bird & Aine Tyrrell will be in concert Wed 22nd Nov 2017. Doors Open 7pm. See venue details below.

About the Artists!

Wallis Bird

Irish dynamite Wallis Bird's expressive vocals and driving guitar rhythms are being compared to artists like Ani DiFranco, Fiona Apple or the young Janis Joplin. Her exceptional voice moves from delicate whispers to explosive power songs, while her music fuses elements of traditional folk music, blues and funk with an energetic handmade rock sound.

Wallis Bird cannot – and should not – be pigeon holed easily. Capable of the delicate, gossamer-thin ballads that her tiny 5ft2 frame would suggest, she can also summon up a whirlwind of passion and rage in the blink of an eye.

An exceptional guitarist, her unique playing style only adds to the intrigue of her performances. Following a childhood accident which permanently damaged her left hand, Bird learned to play her instrument flipped back to front, thus having to create her own bafflingly complex chord fingerings, much to the bewilderment of any musicians in the audience.

Bird is now based in Berlin, in the last 8 years has played over 600 shows in Europe, winning two Irish Music Awards. Her refreshingly raw honesty and humour have forged some very strong bonds with audiences worldwide. Anyone who has been to a Wallis Bird concert knows that this is not just entertainment: it's a way of life.

This is Wallis Bird's second tour in Australia, after her first successful run launching her album "HOME" in 2016.

"Frank and endearingly tender, a tsunami of emotion... Magnificent." – MOJO, UK
"The Sheer visceral energy of Wallis Bird could kick-start an entire economy." – Irish Times
"FranIt's her humour and bold honest that makes Bird so special." – The Guardian, UK


Áine Tyrrell

Hailing, from the West Coast of Ireland to a new life on the road in a 1966 Bedford Bus in Australia... Singing her little heart out! 

Áine Tyrrell's music is a contemporary folk collision between the Ireland of generations gone, and the hope of tomorrow. Her songs are as honest as an old friend, warm and inviting, managing somehow to fuse melodies over rhythms which transport you directly into the mid-19th century, to a land hardened by atrocity, which the rest of the world had temporarily forgotten.

The singer songwriter transcends the conventions, being at times anything from tribal to fragile and heartbreaking; but most of all immaculately crafted.

Áine's music cradles the spirit of her native homeland, and tips the cap to a notable family history of Irish music tradition. It has grown from those traditional Irish roots into a truly contemporary sound. Ache, honesty, and elated melodies, garnishing rhythms which a thousand years of ancestry have slammed foot to floor boards to, in both celebration and protest.

Australia's historical lineage, and love of all things Irish, stands as testament to the accolades and support she is now garnering here in her new homeland, having procured the honour of Queenscliff Music festival’s 'Emerging Talent 2014' mantle. Along with receiving the invaluable and ongoing mentorship from our own revered songstress, Clare Bowditch as well as Shane Howard, and in the success of her own extensive tour in support of 'Queen of Swords' Áine's audience has grown, captivated by this unique talent who has infiltrated hearts and minds with her voice, stories and ability to motivate even the most reluctant of audiences into raucous sing-alongs.

"Tyrrell's songwriting talent is evident in the crafting of the lyrics in this vigorous, barely tamed LP (Queen of Swords)." – BMA Magazine "
"Her voice is unmistakably Irish, in a way few singers are any more." – Irish Echo
"Soul, intelligence, wit and wisdom, history and mystery and a voice that brings it all together. Don't miss her, for fear that you might miss the very thing you need." – Shane Howard
"Áine connects deeply with her music...emotionally stirring and uplifting." – National Celtic Festival



Wed 22nd NOV 2017. Doors Open 7pm at the BAROQUE ROOM 86 Bathurst Rd (Upstairs from 'The Harp & Fiddle' Irish Bar) Katoomba, NSW 2780 Blue Mountains.

*Please note that the 'Baroque Room' is an over 18 years only venue. No minors will be granted entry to the event.

General Admission. Room configuration is a mix of standing/dancing and cocktail lounges.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Tickets $20 Discount pre-sale from Katoomba Music, 140 Katoomba St, Katoomba, NSW 2780 (Tues-Sat. Cash Only).

Or Online $21.50 (Including booking fees):

Or $25 on the door upstairs from 7pm (Unless Sold Out).

Pic: (left) Aine Tyrell (right) Wallis Bird. 

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