Sci-Fi Flick Seeks Stars - blog post image

Sci-Fi Flick Seeks Stars

Blue Mountains based filmmaker Tom Taylor redefines the local landscape while filming & editing his indie sci-fi film 'Last Ark'


24 September
Deadpool 2 Review  - blog post image

Deadpool 2 Review

Following two years of being a successful mercenary, Deadpool/Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) along with Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warh...

14 June
Such Sweet Sorrow - blog post image

Such Sweet Sorrow


A retelling of Hansel & Gretel, entitled Sweet Tooth and partially shot in a colonially transfo...

14 June
Featured Photographer: Lina Alice - blog post image

Featured Photographer: Lina Alice

"My look is mainly based on natural light that is provided whenever I take photographs. My photography is usually unplanned and spontaneous, wh...

06 April
Featured Photographer: Matt Tuapola - blog post image

Featured Photographer: Matt Tuapola

“I use my Canon gear to create connections between people and places, and as connections are subjective I’m constantly being challenged by the c...

22 December
Featured Photographer: David Hill - blog post image

Featured Photographer: David Hill

Former newspaper photojournalist and long-time Blue Mountains resident David Hill captured the whole gamut of news reality for 30 years before ...

15 December
Featured Photographer: Elissa Jamieson - blog post image

Featured Photographer: Elissa Jamieson

“I got into photography back in 7th grade, when I was given a film SLR by my uncle. From that point forward, I was totally hooked. ...

17 October
No Good: Winehouse Tribute - blog post image

No Good: Winehouse Tribute

El’ Jistos and Pirandaa recently took on Amy Winehouse’s tune You Know I’m No Good in an emotional acoustic cover video, featuring a co...

07 June
Local Films Make Economic Impact - blog post image

Local Films Make Economic Impact

Economic Impact: Blue Mountains Economic Enterprises CEO Jacqueline Brinkman says, “A recent report shows us that four local films, including M...

07 June
Mt Vic gets taste of Eurovision for Brekkie - blog post image

Mt Vic gets taste of Eurovision for Brekkie

Eurovision Live: With former local Anja Nissen recently venting her vocals to the world, why not start a supergroup from the talent coming out ...

07 June
Featured Photographer: Aidan Jaros-Grilli - blog post image

Featured Photographer: Aidan Jaros-Grilli

"This photo was taken at Cahills Lookout in Katoomba at around 11PM, overlooking the Megalong Valley. I think the lights in the distance ar...

01 March
Featured Photographer: David Tobin - blog post image

Featured Photographer: David Tobin

"The photography bug has been in my family for several generations now. Most notably, Mum’s parents were both keen photographers who took great ...

01 March
Featured Photographer: Bette Mifsud - blog post image

Featured Photographer: Bette Mifsud

"I’ve been involved in photographic work for nearly five decades – black and white, colour, film and digital, teaching, curating and exhibiting ...

01 March


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